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Working in a small and medium enterprise means you likely wear lots of hats and juggle multiple tasks. You may not even have time to search a range of different platforms to find and learn all the marketing strategies and tools to help your business grow.

Now more than ever SMEs across Australia need a little help to be successful. That’s why AMI’s exciting new SME Marketing Hub was created: to help you get results by quickly learning how best to promote your business successfully – using the right tools for the job.

Leading industry practitioners and successful small business owners have come together to share their marketing knowledge and teach you proven techniques that get your business noticed by your target audiences. Using real case studies and small business experience, SME experts will help you:

  • Build marketing knowledge and skills specific to support small businesses
  • Create an effective marketing plan you can action straight away
  • Learn quick tips and tricks to marketing success

TRUST THE EXPERTS AMI’s SME Marketing Hub is developed in collaboration with Certified Practising Marketers (CPM) and small to medium business owners across Australia. Read more about CPM.

How to Access the Course

Access for free in 2022


No Credit Card Required. No joining fees. No contracts so you’re not locked in. 

SME Marketing Hub Terms and Conditions

  • AMI’s SME Marketing Hub is available for free for AMI Members.
  • By enrolling to the SME Marketing Hub you agree to join the Institute as a Member.
  • Non-marketing professionals working in SMEs will automatically join the Institute as Affiliate Members with 12-month complimentary membership, providing free access to the SME Marketing Hub content and AMI Webinars.
  • By signing up to this course you agree AMI may share your contact information with Adobe family of companies for marketing purposes.

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