Program Introduction

Welcome to the AMI 2022 mentoring program!

Thank you for your support of our up and coming marketers – our program is designed to help early career marketers shine. We aim to provide support for our mentees’ career goals through mentoring along with opportunities to network and access career advice. We also want to ensure that you, as a mentor, gain insight into the next generation of marketers, expand your industry contacts and support your professional development.

The Matching Process

The Emerging Marketers Committees in each state review both mentor and mentee applications to determine the suitability of the partnerships. Every attempt is made to ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial to both the mentee and mentor.

Mentors volunteer their time, they are Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) members of the AMI and are selected on the basis of their life and work experience and their willingness to share their time, experience and skills with an Emerging Marketer.

Each mentoring partnership will be different. Mentees can learn from any mentor, as each will have a different perspective on the industry. You will only get out of the partnership what you put into it, so make the most of this opportunity.

On the completion of the program, it is up to the discretion of the individuals in the partnership if they wish to maintain contact.

Focus Topics

Each month we highlight a discussion topic. The purpose of each topic is to provide a focus for the conversation with your mentor. The flow of topics has been structured to build on the previous topic and a suite of reference materials and activities is provided to support the conversation.

While the topics are not mandatory to complete the earlier topics are designed to help get to know each other and give more insights into who you are, the latter topics focus on more intangible aspects of the workplace and your career.

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Australian Marketing Institute is the requisite organisation for Professional Marketers in Australia. With the largest network of marketers across the country, the Australian Marketing Institute has been supporting the career progression of members and advancing the marketing profession since 1933. Develop your career and enhance your expertise together with a collaborative network of professional marketers from across the country who share upstanding qualities of integrity, ethics, trust and experience.

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The Hard Questions

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Program Evaluation

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